Security and Reliability

Our hosting platform is up to date and has all the latest security features you would expect from a modern hosting company. This means your site is safe and secure with us.

Daily Backups

We backup your site at 3am every morning and store those backups off site for 7 days. If we need to we need to we can restore any of the latest 7 backups of your site in just minutes.

Security Updates

We maintain your CMS (WordPress, MODx or Joomla) and ensure your site is up to date as this is critical to ensure the site is secure.

Unlimited Storage

We don’t mind if your site is one megabyte or ten gigabytes, we will host it at no extra cost.


We are an Australian company based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. When you call, expect to speak to a local F8 Media team member who will most likely recognise your voice so you won’t even need to explain who you are.


One website that uses a maximum of 15 gigabytes of bandwidth a month. If we find you need more bandwidth one month we won’t disconnect you, we will just monitor the situation and if needed we can upgrade you to a bigger plan.

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