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Website Design Sunshine Coast

We custom build professional and compelling websites that make a difference to how you do business.

At F8 Media, our focus is designing and developing websites that create a positive shift in how our clients do business. We believe a website should serve a purpose, so we work closely with our clients to create a website that works harder for them.

If you want to increase sales, generate better leads, take online bookings or payments, or start selling online while you sleep, we can help. Maybe you’d like to provide an online resource for up-to-date product information including catalogues and how-to videos, or even latest news and events. Do you need a complex and custom-built business management tool developed for more efficient in-house order processing? Perhaps you’d just like to easily and simply update your website with new pages, information and images without wanting to throw your computer out the window (we’ve all been there).

We’ve helped our clients achieve all of the above and more, saving them time to focus on what they do best.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Did you know that between 30 to 60 percent of traffic to your website will be from mobile devices such as phones and tablets, depending on your industry and customer demographic? If your website isn’t mobile friendly, then chances are your visitors are having a poor user experience and leaving your website before they can truly engage with you. This is bad for business and bad for SEO (more on that below).

All of our websites are built to provide a positive user experience regardless of which device the site is being viewed on. Also known as a “responsive” website, a mobile friendly site will display just as well on a smart phone as it does on a large monitor.

Google is continuously changing its search algorithms to ensure users are having the best experience possible. As of January 2016, mobile friendliness plays an important part in search result rankings. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, Google may rank it lower than a site that is, and that site could very well be your competitor’s.

Our Content Management System

MODx CMS Website Page EditorWe believe that updating your website with new pages, content and images should be easy. No headaches. No calls to your developer. Simple.

All of our websites are backed by a high quality secure CMS called MODx. The intuitive interface allows even self proclaimed “technophobes” to add, modify and delete pages without our help. Once your website has been built, we’ll meet with you and clearly demonstrate how to use the system to complete common tasks. An hour is usually plenty of time to have clients up to speed.

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Tell us what your goals are and we can get back to you with a plan for how to reach them.