Why Graphic Design Is Crucial Element of Web Design

One of the things you should consider when setting up your company’s website is web design. Your website design is crucial in establishing your digital presence and can help your website rank.

There are many things that can make your company’s web design effective. One of which is incorporating an effective graphic design.

What is Graphic Design?

The goal of graphic design is to communicate certain messages and ideas through the use of visual content. To achieve this goal, it uses different visual elements, such as typography, illustrations and photography. Graphic design deals with problem-solving methods, visual interaction and logic for user experience optimisation.

What Makes an Effective Web Design?

The overall goal of a web design is to enhance the user experience. Effective web design focuses on the user’s needs at every step of the process.

One aspect of effective web design is readability. Users should be able to read the text presented on the website without trouble.

Another aspect is navigation. Users should find it easy to navigate through the website. To achieve this, the website’s layout should be done in a logical flow, and elements should not be shifting around as you move from page to page.

And, of course, effective web design captures the attention of the user. The design should be clean and pleasing to the eyes without being boring. It should make use of the right colour combinations and have exciting photos or graphics displayed.

Why Is Graphic Design Important in Web Design?

Now, let’s discuss exactly how graphic design impacts web design. Consider coding as the backbone of any web design project. To achieve an effective web design, the graphic design must support and add substance to the code.

Let’s take navigation, for example. The website’s coding should allow you to navigate through it with ease. When the web page has good graphic design, the user can be presented with visual cues that guide them through a logical flow of information.

How about readability? Does graphic design play a part in that as well? Yes! The choice of colours and fonts make a huge difference in readability. Here’s an example of bad graphic design that can affect readability.

Let’s say the website’s background colour is a bright red. That’s already a bad choice, as a bright shade of red can hurt the eyes. Now, imagine if you use bright yellow text for this website. That would be such an eyesore and make reading the text even harder for the user. This kind of bad graphic design can encourage users to exit the website, losing sales opportunities.

And finally, an effective web design should capture the attention of the users. Graphic design plays a significant role in this. When you use the right combination of colours, text and graphics, you can create a web design that users would like to look at. They would find themselves exploring more of the website, and it would contribute to an overall good user experience.

Final Thoughts

Graphic design can make a difference in terms of user experience. When you use graphic design principles correctly in your web design, you can create an experience that is memorable and enjoyable for your customers. Effective graphic design has the power to deliver and communicate your message effectively to your target audience.

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Gary Britland

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